Bio-Well Level 1 & Level 2 Training May 2019

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Become Level I Certified & Level II Trained! 

May 08-10 | May 11-13 | San Diego, CA


Only 33 00 Seats Available For Level 1

Level I & Level II (sold out)

SORRY, LEVEL II IS SOLD OUT: A wait list is available below. Whether you need both Level I & Level II or just a refresher of either, this is your chance. Remember, Level I Certification is required prior to starting Level II, and they can be done back-to-back.

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Your Level I & Level II Trainers

Tiffany Barsotti

Rev. Tiffany Barsotti, M.Th., C.Ht., CCT. is a spiritual, medical intuition counselor, authorized distributor and certified master trainer for the Bio-Well Health Assessment Device. A clinician and published researcher of subtle energy devices, biofield therapies and energy psychologies. With 15 years’ experience with Russian technologies of Gas Discharge Visualization devices...

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Dmitry Orlov

Dmitry Orlov is the European General Manager of Bio-Well. Mr. Orlov is also the Founder and General Director of AVD Company – focused on the studies of human ecology and living space ecology (geopathic stress analysis) and their interconnection. Mr. Orlov is the author of more than 20 scientific papers written on the subject of Electro- Photonic Imaging/Gas Discharge Visualization...

Level I Training Schedule May08-09 & May10

Only 33 00 Seats Available

Level I: Training Certification

This course is ideal for anyone needing Level 1 Certificaton, or professionals with the desire to upgrade their skills in a workshop environment.  

* $597 for all three days of material * Lunch & Snacks are included daily. * You must provide your own Bio-Well Device

Day 1-3: May 08-10  

Understanding: History of EPI/GDV method. * Different types of EPI/GDV devices. * Bio-Well vs GDV Cameras * EPI/GDV terminology: what we measure * What are EP Images? * EPI is not medical diagnosis. * Bio-Well certificates and EPI patents. * Academic papers in per-reviewed journals * Safety measures. * Registering your account * Using and the Bio-Well Forum * Software download & installation. * Main principles of the Bio-Well device * Manuals and standard instructions. Preparing the device for use: * Cleaning the electrode. * Calibration procedure best practices Practice Exercises: * Preparing the client: * How to capture fingers correctly * Fingers positioning. * What to ask person before scanning fingertips * Medical & phsyical precautions * Cheat an expert game * Scanning a person: standard procedure. * Measurements with filter. * Bio-Well software - Installing software updates * Online and offline mode to capture data. * Uploading offline captures. * Software use – function of each available button. * Different data capturing – Full Scan, After Scan, Stress Test, Environment mode, Meditation mode. * Working with your database of clients and experiments: main rules and functions. * Data exchange in Bio-Well. * BioCor functions and Chakra’s music. * Comparing scans. * Practical demonstration of each mode of measurement (with all types of electrodes). * Basic interpretation of the obtained data: Step-By-Step, Tab-By-Tab analysis: from integral parameters to sector structural analysis. * Main problematic sectors on fingers * What to comment and not comment during analysis. * Functional analysis of the data * Psychosomatic approach: Chakras interpretation. * Final Test: Applying for the Basic Level User Certification  

IMPORTANT: While course materials are included courses does not include a Bio-Well device or any equipmment. 

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For First Time Course Takers

Level I: Refresher Course

This single day refresher course is is available for those who have previously attended in-person Level 1 training previously with Tiffany Barsotti.  

* $97 to attend the final day of Level I training * Lunch & Snacks are included. * You must provide your own Bio-Well Device

Day 3: May 10  

This training is the last day of training for Level I attendees and is only available for past attendees of a Level I training that was conducted by Rev. Tiffany Barsotti. 

This refresher is intended to help facilitate a smoother Level II training which is to follow the next day, should the trainee not have the time to attend a full Level 1 training again.  

IMPORTANT: While course materials are included courses does not include a Bio-Well device or any equipmment. 

Add Level 1 Refresher To Cart - $97

Level II Training Schedule May11-May13

Advanced Bio-Well Use

This course is for those who have previously completed Level 1 Certificaton or those who just completed Level 1 in the previous session.  

* $597 for all three days of material *Lunch & Snacks are included daily. * You must provide your own Bio-Well Device

Day 1&2: May 11-12  

* Introduction a. Basic level knowledge test. * Repeating the main principles (from Basic level). * Practical test. Discussing results. * Technical data about the Bio-Well device. * Construction, main modules. * How to recognize & fix tech issues. * How to report and fix software issues. * Advanced level interpretation * Application of the main principles of analysis. * Difference between stress and pathology patterns. * Stability and reproducibility of EPI-graphy * Case studies: Trainer's database. *Case studies: Participant's database. * Research with the Bio-Well * Rules of making proper research. * Working with the tables of parameters. * Integral and specific parameters. * Statistical comparison of the cases. * Looking for statistically significant difference between two groups of cases. * and much, much more... 

IMPORTANT: While course materials are included courses does not include a Bio-Well device or any equipmment. 

BONUS: Accessory Day

This day is dedicated to experimentation and use of the Bio-Well accessories. Level 2 training is required due to the advanced curriculum.  

* Included with your Level 2 Purchase *Lunch & Snacks are included daily. * You must provide your own Bio-Well Device 

Day 3: May 13th  

Working with the external sensors  

 * Working with the Bio-Well Glove sensor * How Bio-Glove has been used in the past * Use of the water sensor * Best practices for water sensor use * Using the Sputnik Sensor in Environmental mode * When not to use the Sputnik Sensor * Where Sputnik is being used by others * Analysis and interpretation of the data from each external sensors. * Working with the Bio-Cor Device (non US use only) * Potential Bio-Cor impact on the psycho-emotional state. (non US use only) * How to use the Bio-Cor and analyze its impact. (non US use only)

IMPORTANT: While course materials are included courses does not include a Bio-Well device or any equipmment. 

Only 33 0 Seats Available



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